Sydney Water Tap In

Working with a few different UX designers along the way, I was tasked with designing a brand new product for Sydney Water. It was their first customer facing product and was a major shift for both the company and their customers. Taking a service online after a long tradition of face to face interaction was always going to be tricky to navigate, so the change needed to provide great incentives for their users to get on board with the switch. What we created was a responsive online solution for all of Sydney Waters' customer and trade services: water connections, service diagrams, building plan approvals etc. It is to be available on all devices, provide easy self service and 24/7 access.

I worked on prototypes with the UX designer(s), always sketching design ideas as well as creating visual design concepts all whilst liaising with the brand department to ensure all stakeholders were on board. Once we arrived at agreed solutions I would build out the visual design and work together to solve any new UI problems that arose. Whilst it was an agile project environment, we came into the project after development had already begun so it was a important that we worked quickly to get good UI solutions in place before they were closed off due to development decisions.

Completing this project in 8months was no easy task and some functionality and fixes had to be pushed to subsequent releases as working to a hard deadline was a new experience for the internal development team. However, what we accomplished in the time frame, especially considering all the services had to be built from the ground up was a great achievement and this product will only get better with each release.